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Welcome to the new NP2K!

We are absolutely excited about starting our very own web site. Although we have been in business since 1989 the internet was not incorporated until eBay first started in the late 90's. We are still active on eBay however sell a different variety of merchandise on that site. On eBay we have over 1000 positive feed backs and are proud of our customer service under netpicker2000. Easy way to locate us is Google netpicker2000 which will direct you to our eBay item listings.

Here we will practice the same professionalism that has served our customers well and enhanced our business. Antiques and collectibles is a lot of fun and can be the same for you our customers. Our mission is to bring quality items to your attention then hopefully come to a agreement on your final purchase price. In order to remain a viable business we must be open to offers on any of our items. So please don't be afraid of the "MAKE OFFER" button listed with our items.

Being new to Blogging we will be making every effort to use this form to pass on news of things we are investigating and/or will be adding to our inventory. If you have items you would like us to look out for please let us know it's what we do. Also any suggestions would be greatly appreciated we are always looking for ways to improve our business.

My name is Frank Sacramento and my partner for the last oh 30yrs or so is Diana Sacramento. So Thank You for coming to our site.








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