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Rachel Gera of Israel and her Brutish Modernist Pieces


Rachel Gera was born in Israel and found her education at Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Art. It is surprisingly difficult to find information on this artist and I find myself exceedingly curious to find out more and more about her. I know that Rachel Gera favored sterling silver, even if I had not read that anywhere I could see by her pieces that most of them are stamped with 925, a sterling silver. I found that her pieces were worn by celebrities that have included Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Ustinov but even though I have seen this claim I can't seem to find a single photo.

Every single one of her pieces are awe inspiring miniature sculptures unlike anything found prior to the modernist movement. They are bold but gentle, my favorite piece to date on this shop is by Rachel Gera, a garnet ring with an intricate silver band

All of this research done to turn up little to nothing just puts a shine on my need to do more research, I'll keep updating on this artist if I can find anything else out!

To view the piece click here


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