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The Silver Capitol of the World, What is Taxco Jewelry?

What is Taxco Jewelry?

The City of Taxco, a history

Taxco de Alarcón, or simply known as Taxco, is located in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. The town, made famous for its silverworking and gorgeous scenery this small town in Mexico is now a tourist hub. The Spanish first found silver in 1532 but silversmithing was not a major factor until the 1920's when silversmithing reinvigorated the town. Now Taxco is a major tourist attraction and silver jewelry, silverware and other items are one of the towns major draws. 

Since Taxco jewelry was mainly exported to the United States in the 1920's and beyond the silver work popularity is implanted into our minds. The city is still heralded as the 'Silver Capital of the World' with good reason. Famous artists came from these roots, including Antonio Pineda and Hector Aguilar. There are several pieces in our collection that are for sale that are Taxco pieces, that can be found here

Despite the city now being a major tourist spot the area used to be sparsely populated and was often held by opposition in prior wars. The mines are no longer in major use since they have been worked since the early 1500's but the silver culture that was bred there is still alive today. Modern Taxco pieces can be found in the city and online.


taxco silver jewelry

Hector Aguilar

Hector worked under the man who put Taxco on the map, William Spratling, as a shop manager at Taller de Las Delicias. Unlike the rest of his peers Hector made the decision to work with almost completely pure silver. Most artists worked with 925 sterling whereas Hector used 980 or 990 Sterling. As he worked he found inspiration in Aztec and Mixtec motifs which translated into stunning pieces. 

Good business sense brought him success and he opened up his own workshop, created a business deal with an American Costume Jewelry company during a metal shortage in the United States during World War 2, and then it closed its doors in the 1960's. Former employees say that this was in retaliation to the workers trying to unionize, still to this day Aguilar's designs are one of the most collectible and valuable of the Taxco sterling silver. 

Antonio Piñeda

Antonio Piñeda was one of the greatest silver smiths to come out of the Mexican Silver Renaissance during the twentieth century. He was the leading silversmith and paved the path towards Mexican Modernism. His later year stamps famously known as "Antonio, Taxco within crown" signature can be seen bellow. 


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