Late 19th Century Foyer or Entry Ceiling Globe Lead Glass Incredible SOLD


$ 2,500.00

This is an amazing piece from the late 19th century made of non magnetic metal frame surrounding the globe of lead glass.  The metal frame has six sections to it that encompass the hand made globe: then the globe is soldered to frame  and into place.With each vertical frame arm, which again is soldered into place, the glass is purposefully protrudes out of the arms like a balloon that flexes inside a hollowed out bowl frame.Just magnificent work.

The multi colored glass has oval marble like glass that is proportionally spread throughout the leaded glass much like a Tiffany window. Greens,reds,amber,blue,yellow glass abound.

Metal frame work looks bronze with a height of approx. 20". It's width measures approximately 18" and weight at around 20 pounds.

Rare and very hard to find





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