Bronze Vase 18th Century Japan beautiful patina is a museum piece in India and 19th Century


$ 475.00 also found in a museum in India made of brass.  Identical form but different material. Kerala origin.

The lota, a traditional Indian water jug, is used as a general term for water containers but there are also regional names for different types of pots. The basic design of the lota was adapted to perform many related functions: holding, carrying, and pouring water. The form, decoration, size and material reflect the function of the pot, the geographical area in which it was produced and the status of the people for whom it was made. The shape itself is derived from natural forms such as the gourd and the melon. Different types of pots are used to carry water from the well for everyday use, to store water, to drink water from and for daily ablutions. They are also used as containers for sacred water or water that is to be used for ritual purposes.

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